New Tractor Price in India 2023 | Price of New Tractor, Specs & Reviews (2023)

Tractor Junction brings you an assortment of New tractor models from best Indian tractor brands like Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, and many others. Our list of tractors is created keeping the demand and needs of Indian farmers in mind. Our dedicated section entails all the tractor models based on variant hp and price range. You can easily apply the filter and select the tractor of your dreams based on hp, price, and brand.

New Tractor Section features tractors that have been recently launched by the companies into the Indian markets mentioning their features, the tractor prices, latest technology and how these new features benefit Indian farmers and customers. We celebrate the spirit of newness and present to you the new tractors of the Indian Tractor Industry that are reliable and epitome of quality.

On our website, you can get the top 22+ tractor brands with unique features and technology. The new tractors are available in the 15 hp to 150 hp range. So you can easily choose according to your need and budget. The tractor list includes mini tractors, utility tractors, heavy duty tractors, and highly functional new tractors in India. These tractors come with advanced technological solutions which are affordable, efficient and productive on the farms. Get the updated tractors price in India 2023.

Looking for a new tractor in India? Visit Tractorjunction for Mahindra Tractor India and other brands. Get the best tractor that matches your requirements.

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Find New Tractor Price in India 2023

TractorJunction gives you a platform where you can search for a new tractor by price according to your budget and buying needs.Nowadays, Tractor companies launch tractors with best in class specifications and reasonable tractor prices.Visit us for an updated tractor price list with full specifications, pictures, reviews, and videos. Here you can find the fair cost of tractors in India with complete differences in terms of their ex showroom price and the actual on-road price in India.

The new tractor price in India starts from Rs.1.75 lakhs* to Rs.31.30 lakh*. In this range, you can get a new tractor of your choice. The brands set each farm tractor price keeping farmers’ interest and budget in mind. The one of the most affordable tractors in India is Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT, priced at Rs. 2.50 Lakhs*. And one of the most expensive tractors is John Deere 6120 B, priced at Rs. 31.30 Lakhs*. Enquire with us about all tractor prices from leading manufacturers like Mahindra, Sonalika, Kubota, John Deere, etc.

How Do I Choose the Right Tractor?

Before buying a tractor, farmers should enquire about the ex showroom price* and on road price of tractor because both are different. We help farmers or any individuals understand what the base tractor cost is and how much more they have to pay in terms of state taxes, RTO charges and other additional expenses. The low price of tractor is the priority of every farmer as farming and haulage is already a costly affair. Farmers buy that tractor whose price easily fits their budget and everyday needs. They always want the reasonably priced tractor that is technologically advanced and works efficiently during the tasks while ensuring great fuel economy. We provide complete tractor price list with their specifications, videos, reviews, etc. — so that farmers know what they are investing in.

You can also check the on road price of the tractor which you want to purchase, get their Best Tractor in India with price list at

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And find out the Indian Tractor Price List according to the market. Here, we also show a low price tractor so that small budget farmers can afford an advanced tractor. If you are interested in buying a used tractor online, you can also contact us. Lastly, we also provides the facility of Tractor finance.

Get a tractor price, features, specifications and many more because we provide you the best tractors in india.

Tractor Hp Range :-

Best 35 hp tractor in India

35 Hp Tractor is a semi medium tractor suitable for orchard, small scale farming or moving stationery. Small farmers in India most commonly use this. The 35 hp tractor price in India is appropriate for the farmers, and some affordable 35 hp tractors are Mahindra Yuvo 275 DI, Swaraj 834 XM, New Holland 3032 Nx, and others. Find out below the 35 hp farm tractor price list in India.

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  • Sonalika MM 35 DI - Rs.5.20-5.45 Lac*
  • Farmtrac CHAMPION 35 - Rs.5.30-5.60 Lac*
  • Standard DI 335 - Rs. 4.90-5.10 Lac*

Best 45 hp tractor in India

45 hp tractor is the tractor used by many Indian farmers for their farming needs suitable for everyday farming, mowing, landscaping, and much more. This range is suitable for Indian farming, and all 45 hp tractors come with advanced technology at an affordable 45 hp tractor price in India. Some powerful 45 hp tractors are the Mahindra 575 DI, Kubota MU4501 2WD, John Deere 5045 D and many more. Following we are showing the most popular 45 hp tractor price list in India -

  • Force SANMAN 5000 - Rs. 6.10-6.40 Lac*
  • Eicher 485 - Rs. 6.50-6.70 Lac*
  • Farmtrac 45 - Rs. 6.45-6.70 Lac*

Best 50 hp tractor in India

50 hp tractor fully organized tractor are suitable for high end farming and haulage tasks. This hp range tractors have the highest demand in the country due to their efficiency and speed. These tractors come with all the powerful and comfortable features that provide increased productivity on the farm at a reasonable 50 hp tractor price in India. Some tractors which have a suitable 50 hp tractor price range are John Deere 5050 D - 4WD, Massey Ferguson 7250 Power Up, Farmtrac 60, and many more. Below we are showing 50 hp farm tractor price list in India -

  • Mahindra Arjun 555 DI - Rs. 7.65-7.90 Lac*
  • Sonalika DI 745 III - Rs .6.50-6.85 Lac*
  • New Holland 3630-TX Super - Rs.7.40-8.61Lac*

Best 55 hp tractor in India

55 hp tractor price in India is too reasonable for the farmers for the features and performance they deliver. The 55 hp tractor comes with innovative features at a fair market 55 hp tractor price, i.e. New Holland 3630 Tx Special Edition, John Deere 5310 Perma Clutch, Kubota MU5501 4WD, and others. Find out below the most popular 55 hp tractor price list in India.

  • Sonalika DI 750III - Rs. 7.45-7.90 Lac*
  • Powertrac EURO 55 - Rs.7.80-7.99 Lac*
  • Swaraj 960 FE - Rs.8.20-8.50 Lac*

Best 60 hp tractor in India

60 hp tractor comes under a powerful tractor. It comes with all the essential features that provide superb work on the field and best for utility operations. The 60 hp tractor price in India is fixed according to the budget of the farmers. Few tractors at an affordable 60 hp tractor price range are Sonalika WT 60 SIKANDER, Swaraj 963 FE, Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx 4WD, and others. Check out the 60 hp tractor price list in India.

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  • Powertrac Euro 60 - Rs.7.90-8.40 Lac*
  • Digitrac PP 51i - Rs.7.78 – 8.08 Lac*
  • Solis 6024 S - Rs.8.70 Lac*

Best 70 hp tractor in India

70 hp tractor is a heavy utility tractor used for massive farming works. It comes with incredible hydraulic lifting capacity that is superbly awesome in elevating all the heavy farm implements. Along with this, 70 hp tractor price in India is convenient for the Indian farmers.

The most popular 70 hp tractor is Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 70, it is the most excellent tractor with an affordable 70 hp tractor price, i.e., Rs. 13.32-13.47 Lac*. For further information regarding the 70 hp tractor price list in India, stay tuned with us.

  • Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 70 - Rs.13.32-13.47 Lac*

Best 100 hp Tractor in India

100 hp tractor price in India is fixed according to the average farmer's budget. This tractor is best suited for the heavy feaming and haulage activities. It is the most efficient, powerful, and productive tractor in India. The best 100 hp tractor is Preet 10049 4WD, and its 100 hp tractor price is Rs. 17.80-19.50 lac*. You can get all the essential and powerful features in this tractor. For further updates regarding the 100 hp tractor price list in India, stay tuned with us.

  • Preet 10049 4WD - Rs.17.80-19.50 lac*

You can get the best farming tractor andtractor on road price in India at Tractor Junction. Furthermore, get an affordable farming tractor price with complete specifications.

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Which is the No 1 tractor in India? ›

1. Mahindra. An integral part of the farm division, Mahindra tractors stands tall among the top 10 tractor companies in India. They entail a comprehensive range of tractors starting from ₹2.50 lakhs to ₹12.50 lakhs.

What is the most reliable tractor brand in India? ›

Below we have a list of the best tractor companies in India also providing various farming implements like harvesters, rotavators, cultivators, etc.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra. ...
  • Sonalika Tractors. ...
  • John Deere India Private Limited. ...
  • Preet Tractors. ...
  • Force Motors. ...
  • Escorts Agri Machinery. ...
  • Swaraj Tractors. ...
  • Tafe Motors.

Which is the best hp tractor in India? ›

The Most Powerful Tractors You Can Get in India
  • John Deere 6120 B. HP:120 HP. Cylinder: 4. ...
  • John Deere 6110 B. HP: 110 HP. Cylinder: 4. ...
  • Preet 10049 4WD. HP: 100 HP. Cylinder: 4. ...
  • New Holland TD 5.90. HP: 90 HP. ...
  • Indo Farm DI 4190. HP: 90 HP. ...
  • New Holland Excel 9010. HP: 90 HP. ...
  • Sonalika Worldtrac 90 RX. HP: 90 HP. ...
  • Preet 9049 4WD. HP: 90 HP.
Mar 25, 2022

Which tractor engine is best? ›

What Are the Top 10 Most Fuel-efficient Tractors?
  • Powertrac Euro 50. ...
  • Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander. ...
  • Farmtrac 45 Smart. ...
  • Mahindra 475 DI. ...
  • Massey Ferguson 1035 DI. (Source: ...
  • Mahindra 275 DI TU. (Source: ...
  • Eicher 380. (Source: ...
  • New Holland 3230. (Source:
Dec 12, 2022

Which tractor most sales in India? ›

Top of the list for the most traction and sales was the M&M 575 – 47 HP. Mahindra & Mahindra continues to be the best-selling tractor brand in India, with models available in practically every market sector and with a wide range of specifications.

Which is the No 1 tractor in world? ›

#1 Mahindra and Mahindra: The Mahindra Tractor Brand is the world's best-selling tractor. It is an Indian company that makes high-quality feature tractors to meet the needs of farmers. Mahindra is dedicated to improving the lives of farmers. The HP range of these tractors is between 15 HP to 75 HP.

Which tractor is best for 5 acres? ›

The best tractor for 5 acres is going to be something with 25-35 horsepower. This horsepower range is ideal for the smaller tasks that come with having 0-5 acres like pulling small equipment, cultivating, or mowing.

Is Mahindra as good as Kubota? ›

The quality of both Kubota and Mahindra are incredibly close in comparison. Mahindra is known for being rugged and long-lasting, especially with their older models. As time goes on, their newer models will likely carry the same reputation. Kubota is known for being a smooth operator.

What is a good horsepower for a tractor? ›

If you need to do basic mowing on flat terrain, find a compact tractor with 25 to 30 hp. If you need something more substantial for plowing, invest in the 45 to 85 hp range. For full-scale farming, a row crop tractor is likely your best choice.

What tractor has the best fuel economy? ›

Top 5 Most Fuel-efficient Tractors-2022
  • New Holland 3230. New Holland 3230 comes with all the advanced and innovative technology that is best for Indian farms. ...
  • Swaraj 735 FE.
  • Specification and features. ...
  • Mahindra 275 DI XP Plus. ...
  • John Deere 5050 D - 4WD. ...
  • Massey Ferguson 1035 DI.
Jun 1, 2022

Which is better diesel or gas tractor? ›

Diesel engines have many advantages over gasoline engines. In fact, they are far superior. To begin with, diesel tractors are more powerful. Diesel engines typically have their peak horsepower at about 1,000-1,500 rpm and horsepower stays up throughout most of the rpm range.

Which fuel engine is best? ›

Diesel engines are generally more efficient at burning fuel than their petrol counterparts. Depending on the car as well as the engine used, a diesel engine uses 15-20% less fuel compared to a petrol engine. However, the price of this efficiency is a higher premium compared to the petrol variant of the same car.

Which tractor is best in 4wd? ›

Recently Asked Question about 4WD Tractors
  • The best 4wd tractors in India are Swaraj 744 FE 4WD, John Deere 5105 4wd, New holland 3230 tx super, and more.
  • The most Reliable 4wd tractor brand is Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, sonalika, New Holland, John Deere, and many more.

Which tractor is best in India 2022? ›

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus wins INDIAN TRACTOR OF THE YEAR 2022 at ITOTY Awards. Mahindra Tractors', part of Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector, the world's largest tractor manufacturer by volume, received four awards at the third edition of the prestigious Indian Tractor of the Year (ITOTY) awards 2022 in New Delhi.

Are Mahindra tractors made in the USA? ›

They've been making tractors since 1963 and are the world's highest-selling brand tractor by volume. While they started out in India, they've now established assembly plants in the US, China, and Australia, as well as other markets around the world.

How big of a tractor do I need for 10 acres? ›

If you have 10 acres, and/or moderate chores

A compact tractor that's making between 30–60 horsepower is a good fit for mowing 10 acres and managing moderate chores. The stronger horsepower and torque reserve allows you to deliver more power to larger and heavier implements and attachments.

What is the best time of year to buy a tractor? ›

Generally speaking, tractor sales are like car sales, in that you'll find more discounts and better deals when it's the end of a fiscal year or when manufacturers and deals have a backlog of equipment they want to get off their hands. There is not really a best time of year to buy a tractor.

What is the toughest tractor? ›

1MeriCrusher MT-700768 HP
2Fendt 1167 Vario MT673 CV
3John Deere 9R 640640 HP
John Deere 9RX 640640 HP
98 more rows
May 26, 2021

Which is brand tractor in India? ›

Four major companies come under Tafe which are also in the list of top 10 tractor brands of India i.e. Eicher, Massey Ferguson, TAFE and IMT. TAFE also come under the list of top 10 leading tractor companies in India and provides the best tractor in India.

Which tractor is best in 42 HP in India? ›

Popular Tractor Price List 2022
Popular TractorsTractor HPPopular Tractors Price
Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHA SHAKTI42 HPRs. 6.05-6.60 lac*
Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus47 HPRs. 6.75-7.12 lac*
Swaraj 855 FE52 HPRs. 7.80-8.10 lac*
Powertrac Euro 43942 HPRs. 5.65-6.45 lac*
12 more rows

What size tractor do I need to mow 50 acres? ›

Compact tractors range from 35 to 50 hp and work well for 10 to 50 acres. They offer more power and grit than sub-compact tractors, and have greater front loader lift capacity.

Which tractor is best for 10 acres? ›

Go Big With The John Deere 4 Series Compact Tractors

For those with large areas of land exceeding 10 acres, it's time to meet the John Deere 4 Series. The 4 Series lineup offers more features, more capability and most of all, more power to handle all your landscaping and farming needs.

Is Kubota cheaper than John Deere? ›

Lastly, with all the tractors I've bought and sold over the years, I've found that John Deere holds their value better than any other brand. This includes Kubota as well. Some will say that a used John Deere costs more than a comparable used Kubota because it was a higher price when new.

Which is better tractor John Deere or Kubota? ›

When you take durability, quality, price, and value all into account, there is one clear winner. John Deere.

Which Mahindra engine is best? ›

Mahindra's 1.2-litre Turbo-Petrol (mStallion)

This is the best in the segment engine, as the next closest rival is able to produce around 175Nm of torque.

Which is better Tata Motors or Mahindra? ›

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd is most highly rated for Culture and Tata Motors is most highly rated for Culture.
Overall Rating.
Overall Rating4.24.1
Work/life balance3.93.9
Compensation and benefits3.73.6
Job security and advancement3.93.8
1 more row

What size tractor do I need for 40 acres? ›

You're definitely going to want something in the 35-50 horsepower range. A cab might seem nice, but it could also get beat around depending on just how much you intend on "abusing" it. Definitely consider that. 4 wheel drive is also a must if you're going to use it year-round.

Which is better 3 cylinder or 4 cylinder tractor? ›

A 3 cylinder engine is much more fuel efficient compared to a 4 cylinder engine of the same size. This is because of two primary factors, reduced frictional losses and lighter weight. Since there is one cylinder less, the frictional losses caused by metal surfaces coming in contact within the engine block is lesser.

Why farmers are buying 40 year old tractors? ›

Farmers are opting for older tractors as they're easier to repair and cheaper than new, and that demand has caused a price spike for tractors built decades ago. The Star Tribune found that farmers are choosing to buy older tractors to save money and so that they can repair the tractors themselves.

Which tractor is best in 55 hp? ›

Best 55 hp tractor in India
  • Sonalika DI 750III - Rs. 7.45-7.90 Lac*
  • Powertrac EURO 55 - Rs.7.80-7.99 Lac*
  • Swaraj 960 FE - Rs.8.20-8.50 Lac*

Which tractor is best in 65 hp? ›

Latest Tractors
  • John Deere 5310.
  • MF 1035 DI DOST.
  • John Deere 5105 (4WD)
  • New Holland 3032 NX.
  • Mahindra Arjun Ultra 1 555 DI.
  • John Deere 5050 D.
  • New Holland 3630 TX Special Edition.
  • John Deere 3028EN (4WD)
Sep 17, 2022

Which is the best 50hp tractor in India? ›

Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander | Price range between 6.70 lakhs to 6.90 lakhs* The Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander is the following model in the category of 50 HP tractors. It is meticulously engineered to perform at its peak in agricultural settings.

Which is the most searched used tractor in India? ›

  • Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 50 E 2WD. The Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 50 E has contemporary features that make it the most sought-after tractor. ...
  • Swaraj 834 XM. One of the engines that farmers talk about the most is the Swaraj tractor engine. ...
  • Mahindra 475 DI. ...
  • Massey Ferguson 241 DI Maha Shakti. ...
  • VST Shakti MT 180D.
Dec 5, 2022

Which tractor is more reliable? ›

Kubota ranks highest among tractor brands for both Overall Durability and Overall Customer Experience.

What is the most fuel efficient tractor? ›

Top 5 Most Fuel-efficient Tractors-2022
  • New Holland 3230. New Holland 3230 comes with all the advanced and innovative technology that is best for Indian farms. ...
  • Swaraj 735 FE.
  • Specification and features. ...
  • Mahindra 275 DI XP Plus. ...
  • John Deere 5050 D - 4WD. ...
  • Massey Ferguson 1035 DI.
Jun 1, 2022


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