Is Lowe’s Owned by Walmart? (Here's the Truth) - (2023)

Lowes and Walmart are both retail giants in the United States. Both have a huge presence in the country and are known for offering low prices and a wide variety of merchandise. It’s easy to assume that because Walmart owns so many brands, it might also own Lowe’s. Below we discern the truth.

Is Lowe’s Owned by Walmart? (Here's the Truth) - (1)


  • 1 Are Walmart and Lowe’s Affiliated?
  • 2 Who Currently Owns Lowe’s?
  • 3 Lowe’s Company Profile
  • 4 Was Lowe’s Ever Owned by Walmart?
  • 5 What Company Does Walmart Own?
  • 6 Similarities and Differences

Are Walmart and Lowe’s Affiliated?

Walmart doesn’t have any affiliations with Lowe’s. The two companies are entirely separate, and they don’t have any ownership stake in each other. However, both companies are large retailers.

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While Lowe’s centers its services to home improvement, Walmart focuses on general retail, but also has a home improvement department

In 2013, Walmart and Lowe’s, alongside other large employers, announced they had joined the Pacific Group on Health and Negotiating Alliance (PBGH-NA). This alliance launched the National Employer Centers of Excellence Network.

This affiliation wasn’t an ownership stake, but rather an agreement to establish a healthcare solution that’d be more efficient and cost-effective for companies and their employees.

Does Walmart Fully Own Lowe’s?

Walmart doesn’t have any stake in Lowe’s, so it doesn’t own the company. For a company to have a full ownership stake in another company, it would need to own more than 50% of its shares outstanding and consolidate 100% of its assets and liabilities on its balance sheet.

That’s not the case with Walmart and Lowe’s. The two companies are completely separate, with different shareholders owning their respective stocks. Not to mention, their businesses are entirely separate as well.


Does Walmart Own Part of Lowe’s?

For a company to own part of another company, it’d need to have a shareholding stake. Some companies choose to invest in other companies without having any influence over their management or operations.

Are Walmart and Lowe’s Owned by the Same Company?

Walmart and Lowe’s aren’t owned by the same company. Both trade publicly on the stock market, but their stocks aren’t interchangeable. If there were a company that owned both Walmart and Lowe’s, it’d have to be a holding company with a majority stake. However, no such holding company exists, and Walmart and Lowe’s are independent companies.

Who Currently Owns Lowe’s?

As a publicly-traded company, Lowe’s doesn’t have a single owner. Instead, it has many shareholders who own its stock. The Vanguard Group is currently the majority shareholder with 8.92% of Lowe’s stock.

However, it doesn’t own 50%+1 of the company’s stock, so it doesn’t have full ownership. The second-largest shareholder is BlackRock, Inc., which owns 7.3% of Lowe’s common stock. The company has a board of directors chaired by Marvin R. Ellison, the current CEO.

Lowe’s Company Profile

Lowe’s is a home improvement and hardware retailer founded in 1921 by L.S. Lowe. It’s headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, and operates about 2,200 stores across the United States and Canada. Lowe’s is the second-largest hardware chain in the United States behind Home Depot.

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The company offers a wide range of home improvement products categorized under Appliances, Lawn and Garden, Millwork, Flooring, Rough Plumbing, Decor, Lighting, Building Materials, Electrical, Kitchens and Bath, Paint, Lumber Hardware, Tools, Seasonal and Outdoor living, and Flooring.

Alongside its subsidiaries, Lowe’s Companies, Inc. has over 300,000 employees. The current C.E.O. and chairman of the board is Marvin R. Ellison. Its executive vice president is Seemantini Godbole.

Lowe’s is a publicly-traded company and a component of the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average. As of May 2022, the company had a market capitalization of $128.78 billion.

Was Lowe’s Ever Owned by Walmart?

Lowe’s has never been owned by Walmart. No records reveal Walmart ever owning any stake in Lowe’s, and the two companies have always operated as separate entities. To date, Walmart hasn’t made any announcements regarding acquiring Lowe’s.

Some people may mistakenly believe that Walmart owns Lowe’s because of their similar business models. It could also be because most stores operate under the same building.

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The companies share the same buildings because, in most cases, commercial real estate developers pitch to both companies to close a deal with at least one. However, the developers usually build the space with both companies in mind, resulting in a building that can accommodate both stores.

What Company Does Walmart Own?

Walmart is one of the largest corporations in the world with an interest in various companies. It operates a chain of departmental stores, a grocery chain, and hypermarkets. Apart from these, it also has stakes in e-commerce, logistics, and technology.

In 2018, Walmart acquired Flipkart Internet Pvt for a record $16 billion. In a bid to penetrate the e-commerce market of India, this was Walmart’s largest acquisition and its entry into the Indian market. The previous year Walmart had acquired ModCloth, Moosejaw, and Bonobos.

Below is a list of companies owned by Walmart

  • Vudu
  • Sam’s Club
  • ModCloth
  • Asda Store’s, Ltd
  • Seiyu Group
  • Flipkart
  • Bonobos
  • Bare Necessities
  • Massmart
  • Lider
  • Amigo
  • Heyneedle
  • Aspectiva
  • Parcel
  • BestPrice Modern Wholesale

These companies operate under Walmart’s umbrella and help grow its revenue. In 2021, Walmart’s total sales amounted to $96 billion. The continued expansion of Walmart’s business has made it a retail behemoth.

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Similarities and Differences

Below are similarities and differences that make these companies unique in their ways.


  • Both are publicly traded companies.
  • Both operate a chain of stores across the United States and Canada.
  • Both are retail giants with an international presence
  • Both have a workforce of over 300,000 employees.
  • Both have a strong online presence.
  • Both sell home improvement products.


  • Lowe’s main focus is on home improvement, while Walmart’s is on general merchandise.
  • Lowe’s was founded in 1921, while Walmart was founded in 1962.
  • Walmart operates 10,593 retail units, whereas Lowe’s operates 2,200 stores.
  • Walmart operates in 24 countries, while Lowe’s is only present in the United States and Canada.
  • Lowe’s has about 300,000 employees, while Walmart has 2.3 million employees.
  • Lowe’s doesn’t have a controlling shareholder. Walton family members own about 50% of Walmart.

While one can assume Lowe’s and Walmart are related, they aren’t. Both are top retailers in the United States, but they operate independently. They all offer a plethora of goods and services to their customers and continue to serve them diligently.


Who actually owns Lowes? ›

Anticipating the dramatic increase in construction after World War II, Lowe's joint-owner Carl Buchan re-focuses the company solely on home improvement products.

Was the owner of Lowes married to the owner of Home Depot? ›

No, the Lowe's chain of home improvement stores was not created by the jilted spouse of the owner of Home Depot.…

Who does Walmart own? ›

It is a publicly traded family-owned business, as the company is controlled by the Walton family. Sam Walton's heirs own over 50 percent of Walmart through both their holding company Walton Enterprises and their individual holdings.

Is Lowes owned by Walmart? ›

No, Lowe's and Walmart are not owned by the same company. Lowe's is an American home improvement retailer that operates a chain of stores across the United States and Canada. The company is publicly traded and is not owned by any other company.

Who is richer Lowes or Home Depot? ›

According to the table above, both companies have positive earnings. However, Home Depot is superior to Lowe's with margins on a 10-year basis.
ProfitabilityHome DepotLowe's
Gross Margins (10-year average)34.13%33.5%
Operating Margins (10-year average)13.66%9.25%
1 more row
Apr 14, 2022

Is Lowes a black owned company? ›

Lowe's Companies Inc. is a publicly-traded company on the NYSE listed under the ticker symbol "LOW." Lowe's is led by Marvin Ellison, a Black man who took over as the CEO in 2018, and has remained in the position since.

Is Lowes in financial trouble? ›

Based on the latest financial disclosure, Lowes Companies has a Probability Of Bankruptcy of 11.0%. This is 73.42% lower than that of the Specialty Retail sector and significantly higher than that of the Consumer Discretionary industry.

Who is bigger Lowes or Home Depot? ›

The Home Depot

The average Home Depot store has around 104,000 square feet of enclosed space with approximately 24,000 more square feet of outside garden area. Lowe's averages around 112,000 square feet plus another 32,000 square feet dedicated to outdoor garden center space.

Which is better to work at Home Depot or Lowes? ›

Lowe's Home Improvement is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and The Home Depot is most highly rated for Culture.
Overall Rating.
Overall Rating3.53.7
Work/life balance3.33.5
Compensation and benefits3.43.4
Job security and advancement3.13.3
1 more row

Do the Chinese own Walmart? ›

No, Walmart is not owned by China, nor has it been sold to a Chinese investment group. According to USA TODAY fact check, a claim that Walmart had been sold to a Chinese firm was proven false. On Jan. 2 2021, a Facebook post claimed a Chinese business group bought out America's largest retailer.

Why are there no eggs at Walmart 2022? ›

Simply put, there is an egg shortage because of an unprecedented outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza that has killed tens of millions of egg-laying chickens nationwide. It's the deadliest outbreak of bird flu in the nation's history, leading to the slaughter of nearly 60 million chickens by the end of 2022.

Is Dollar General owned by Walmart? ›

Walmart does not own Dollar General. The company hasn't owned Dollar General in the past, and in all probability will not own it in the future as well. That said, Walmart does own a flurry of other companies.

Why is Lowes always by Walmart? ›

Lowe's has never been owned by Walmart. No records reveal Walmart ever owning any stake in Lowe's, and the two companies have always operated as separate entities.

Who owns the other 50% of Walmart? ›

Who Owns The Other 50% Of Walmart? The other half of Walmart not owned by the Walton family is owned by investment companies, holding groups, and individual shareholders. The second largest shareholder of Walmart stock is the Vanguard Group, one of the largest investment companies in the world.

Who owns Home Depot and who owns Lowes? ›

No, Home Depot and Lowe's aren't owned by one company. They are both publicly owned by different entities. Neither Lowe's nor Home Depot own each other. Their shares are publicly available on the stock market and anyone who wishes to buy stock in either can do it.

What department at Lowes makes the most money? ›

Our data shows that employees in facilities roles earn the highest wages at Lowe's Companies, with an average yearly salary of $37,039. The supply chain department also pays well, with an average salary of $34,194 per year.

Who has better prices on appliances Lowes or Home Depot? ›

Both stores compete fiercely with each other daily over pricing and when all costs are averaged out, the price of shopping at Lowe's versus The Home Depot is essentially the same.

Why Home Depot is better than Lowes? ›

The biggest difference between the two stores is cosmetics. Investopedia said Home Depot has an "industrial esthetic" with the feeling that it's geared toward professionals. It also said Lowe's is more for "first-time home improvement customers" with lower shelves, more floor displays, and holiday items.

What did Lowes used to be called? ›

History. The first Lowe's store, North Wilkesboro Hardware, opened in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, in 1921 by Lucius Smith Lowe. After Lowe died in 1940, the business was inherited by his daughter, Ruth Buchan, who sold the company to her brother, James Lowe, that same year.

Why did Lowes leave Mexico? ›

Information provided by an internal source to Milenio Monterrey, explained that Lowe's did not achieve the levels of sales necessary to maintain its operations in the country, as it could not compete with the predilection of Mexicans for its competitor, Home Depot.

What is the largest black-owned company in the US? ›

There are more than 2 million Black-owned businesses in the United States. World Wide Technology is the largest Black-owned business in the country.

Does Lowe's have a lot of debt? ›

Lowe's long term debt for 2021 was $20.668B, a 23.26% increase from 2020. Lowe's long term debt for 2020 was $16.768B, a 16.52% increase from 2019.
Compare LOW With Other Stocks.
Lowe's Annual Long Term Debt (Millions of US $)
10 more rows

What is the future of Lowes? ›

Earnings vs Market: LOW's earnings (8.2% per year) are forecast to grow slower than the US market (14.2% per year). High Growth Earnings: LOW's earnings are forecast to grow, but not significantly. Revenue vs Market: LOW's revenue is expected to decline over the next 3 years (-0.1% per year).

Where Will Lowes stock be in 5 years? ›

What will Lowe`s Cos. stock price be worth in five years (2028)? The LOW ("LOW" ) future stock price will be 382.959 USD .

Does Lowes have a senior discount? ›

No, Lowe's doesn't have a senior discount, but it does have weekly discounts, festival discounts, and other offers that let you purchase at the best price.

Is Lowes generally cheaper than Home Depot? ›

Despite price differences in long-term rentals, The Home Depot does have a much bigger selection when it comes to tool rental. Still, this competition of Lowe's vs. Home Depot is about who's the cheapest. More often than not, that's Lowe's.

Who is Lowe's biggest competitor? ›

As the world's first and second-largest home improvement retailers, Home Depot and Lowe's share many similarities. They compete for a shared customer base across the U.S. and Canada.

Is Lowes better than Walmart? ›

Lowe's Home Improvement is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and Walmart is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits.
Overall Rating.
Overall Rating3.53.4
Work/life balance3.33.3
Compensation and benefits3.43.3
Job security and advancement3.13.2
1 more row

Is it better to work at Lowes or Target? ›

Lowe's Home Improvement is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and Target is most highly rated for Culture. Learn more, read reviews and see open jobs.

What is the highest paying job at Home Depot? ›

range from an average of $46,856 to $117,654 a year. The Home Depot Inc. employees with the job title Staff Software Engineer make the most with an average annual salary of $127,657, while employees with the title Department Manager, Retail Store make the least with an average annual salary of $43,128.

How much land does China own in the United States of America? ›

China owns and controls almost 192,000 acres of farmland right here in the United States. To be clear, it's not a huge percentage of our total farm acreage by any stretch.

What is Walmart in China called? ›

Walmart first entered the China market in 1996 and now has around 425 stores in the country under the two nameplates.

How much money does the United States own China? ›

How much money does the U.S. owe to China? China owns roughly $1.08 trillion worth of U.S. debt. 2 This amount is subject to market fluctuations. The value will change whenever China trades Treasury securities or when the prices of those bonds change.

Is there a food shortage coming 2023? ›

Champagne will be in short supply in 2023, not just because of the drought, but because demand has rebounded from the pandemic faster than producers can create the bubbly beverage. Butter, corn, tomatoes and eggs are also on the list of potential shortages, as well as baby formula.

Do not keep eggs in the fridge? ›

The eggs stored in cold temperature tend to undergo condensation when they are taken out to room temperature. This promotes the growth of bacteria over the egg shell, thereby contaminating the egg and making it harmful for human consumption.

How old are eggs when they get to the grocery store? ›

Here's a fun fact, the eggs you buy in the store are usually 6-8 months old before they hit the shelves. You may not realize it, but as time passes the egg becomes less nutritious. Many of the differences between store bought and farm fresh eggs all comes down to the nutrition and maturity of the chickens.

What company does Dollar Tree own? ›

Additionally, the company operates stores under the name of Dollar Bills, as well as a multi-price-point variety chain under the Family Dollar banner. Dollar Tree, Inc.

What is Dollar General changing their name to? ›

Now, the company will expand its push to win wealthier customers in the suburbs using a new store model and name: Popshelf. Dollar General (DG) said Thursday it will open 1,000 Popshelf stores over the next four years.

Does Walmart own Walgreens? ›

Conclusion. As we've learned, Walmart does not own Walgreens. However, Walmart and Walgreens share the same key shareholder, The Vanguard Group. Regardless, Walmart is primarily owned by the Walton family while Walgreens is owned by the Walgreens Boots Alliance.

What company bought Lowes? ›

3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Sycamore Partners, a private equity firm specializing in retail, consumer, and distribution-related investments, today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Lowe's Canadian retail business, which will now operate under the name RONA inc.

Is Home Depot a part of Walmart? ›

The Home Depot is the first retail client of Walmart GoLocal, which uses Walmart's expansive network to deliver products for businesses of all sizes.

Who owns the largest share of Walmart? ›

Top 10 Owners of Walmart Inc
StockholderStakeShares owned
The Vanguard Group, Inc.4.63%124,978,796
BlackRock Fund Advisors2.39%64,362,165
SSgA Funds Management, Inc.2.25%60,630,374
Geode Capital Management LLC0.92%24,855,493
6 more rows

Who is the biggest owner of Walmart? ›

There are more than 11,400 Walmart locations across 26 different countries. Jim Walton, Alice Walton, and Rob Walton are the top three individual shareholders of Walmart. Walmart's largest institutional investors include the John T. Walton Estate Trust, Vanguard Group, and BlackRock.

Does Walmart own Sam's Club? ›

A division of Walmart Inc., we are the membership warehouse club solution for everyday living. Our President and CEO is Kathryn McLay and our headquarters is in Bentonville, AR.

Does Lowes belong to Walmart? ›

No, Lowe's and Walmart are not owned by the same company. Lowe's is an American home improvement retailer that operates a chain of stores across the United States and Canada. The company is publicly traded and is not owned by any other company.

Did Home Depot get bought out? ›

The Home Depot has completed its acquisition of a business it sold some 13 years ago. The home improvement giant announced that it has completed the acquisition of HD Supply Holdings. The deal had a total enterprise value (including net cash) of approximately $8 billion.

Who is the largest shareholder of Lowes? ›

The Vanguard Group, Inc.

Who owns Home Depot and who owns Lowe's? ›

No, Home Depot and Lowe's aren't owned by one company. They are both publicly owned by different entities. Neither Lowe's nor Home Depot own each other. Their shares are publicly available on the stock market and anyone who wishes to buy stock in either can do it.

Does Rob Lowe own Lowe's? ›

About. Rob shares overall leadership for the firm with his brother and Co-CEO, Mike Lowe. Rob focuses on operations both at the corporate level and across its real estate activities. He serves as co-Chairman of Lowe's wholly-owned hospitality affiliate, CoralTree Hospitality, Group.

Is Lowes American owned? ›

Lowe's Companies, Inc.

(/loʊz/), often shortened to Lowe's, is an American retail company specializing in home improvement. Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, the company operates a chain of retail stores in the United States.

Who makes the most money at Lowes? ›

Lowe's Companies, Inc employees with the job title Operations Supervisor make the most with an average hourly rate of $22.59, while employees with the title Stocker make the least with an average hourly rate of $12.25.

Which company is bigger Lowes or Home Depot? ›

If we do the math, The Home Depot has about 241 million square feet of indoor retail space and 55.6 million square feet of outdoor garden space. Lowe's clocks in around 245 million square feet indoors and around 70 million square feet of outdoor garden center space.

Did Lowes and Home Depot merge? ›

No, Home Depot and Lowe's did not merge. Home Depot, founded in 1978, is the world's largest home improvement retailer, with 2,278 locations in North and Central America, as of 201Lowe's, founded in 1946, is the second-largest home improvement retailer and operates 2,015 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Who is the largest shareholder of Home Depot? ›

Vanguard Group, Inc.

Is Lowes a religious company? ›

As a Christian-based and family-owned organization, these two values are at the core of Lowe's Market. The Christian and family values helped drive one of the company's internal logos – GFG, which stands for God, family and groceries.

Who bought Lowes Foods? ›

Lowes Foods was acquired by Merchants Distributors, Inc.

What does the CEO of Lowes make? ›

Compensation by Company
Name And TitleTotal Compensation
Marvin R. Ellison Chairman, President and Chief Executive OfficerTotal Compensation $17,871,715 View details
Seemantini Godbole Executive Vice President, Chief Information OfficerTotal Compensation $4,708,975 View details
3 more rows

Is Craftsman owned by Lowes? ›

Originally a house brand established by Sears, the brand is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker.


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