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Intellectual Property Attorneys Fort Lauderdale - Oppenheim Law (1)Need an Intellectual Property Attorney Fort Lauderdale, FL? View experienced Fort Lauderdale Intellectual Property Lawyers. Find a unique IP Attorney law firm near Fort Lauderdale with over 75 years of collective legal experience and provides innovative, clever, and strategic solutions that are holistic.

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As an inventor, creator or entrepreneur, ensuring that you maintain ownership and rights to your intellectual property is crucial in today’s high-tech world. Whether it is protection of patents, trade secrets, information technology, or other creative and unique work, we at Oppenheim Law know the importance of ensuring that our clients receive full compensation for their creative labor. From filmmakers and artists to developers of life-changing inventions and devices, we have worked with clients from the ground up in protecting their intellectual property, assisting them in filing for copyright or trademark protection, and developing non-disclosure agreements and licensing agreements to permit limited use of their intellectual property by others. When others have violated those agreements, or used intellectual property without proper consent or without compensating the owner properly for such use, we have zealously litigated on behalf of our clients to ensure that they maintain complete control and derive fair payment for the use of their property.

About Oppenheim Law | IP Attorneys Fort Lauderdale

Founded in 1989 by a husband and wife legal team, Oppenheim Law is uniquely positioned as one of Florida’s leading boutique law firms in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, serving national, international, and local clients with experienced advocates in a wide range of areas. The Firm is proud to have the highest rating (AV) conferred by Martindale Hubbell® Law Directory, the most respected directory of lawyers and law firms in the U.S. In addition, the firm, through Roy Oppenheim, commands the highest rating from AVVO, a 10.0., the largest web-based attorney directory service in the U.S.

The Firm’s practice areas include real estate and business related matters, intellectual property, consumer rights, commercial litigation, foreclosure, employment and contract law, and real estate.

Intellectual Property Attorneys Serving Fort Lauderdale and Florida State

Should you be involved in a dispute over your intellectual property, please feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 954-384-6114and we will be glad to respond to your inquiry.

What is Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Law?

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Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind. Artistic works, literary pieces, software code, logos, slogans, designs and inventions fall into this field. Hence, Intellectual Property is the area of practice of law concerning the protection of the rights of authors, inventors and owners of those creations.

What are the rights of IP owners?

The owners of IP have similar rights those held by real estate or personal property owners. Even though the concept is sometimes harder to grasp, owners of IP can sell, transfer, license and economically profit from their creative products in a similar fashion as owners of tangible property do. Protecting and transacting with IP assets is not only necessary for businesses but it can evolve into a big generator of profits.

Where do I have IP rights?

IP transactions require a clear understanding of several areas of the law at the federal, state, and international level. IP legal protection mechanisms are territorial in nature: every country sets their own IP law. In the United States, states also have some freedom to regulate some aspects of intellectual property as well. Therefore, IP owners may have a combination of state, federal, and international intellectual property rights. Nonetheless, globalization has pushed almost all jurisdictions to participate in international harmonization efforts. Those efforts are currently embeded in a group of international treaties, such as the Madrid Protocol, the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS), the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, and the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, that allow owners of IP to benefit and profit from their IP assets in other countries. The United States is part of most IP treaties giving American businesses, nationals, and residents access to a wide variety of international IP rights.

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What is a Patent?

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A Patent is an exclusive right granted to inventors by the government to exclude others from making, using, distributing or selling their inventions without their authorization for a limited period, generally, 20 years. Patents provide economic incentive to inventors by offering the possibility of obtaining material reward for their innovations, in return for that protection inventors must publicly disclose all relevant information about the invention, including specific instructions on how to replicate it. That exchange strengthens and feeds the body of public knowledge and is a fundamental core to the enrichment of culture and science. Patents protect processes, designs, and devices that meet the patentability criteria.

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks are symbols or words used to designate the source of products or services. Owners of Trademarks are protected based on the government’s interest in fostering a fair market. Fairness in trademark law does not mean lack of competition, on the contrary trademark law is designed to foster competition by making sure that consumers can clearly distinguish each product or service.

What Are Trade Secrets ?

What is a Trade Secret? A trade secret is a formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, commercial method, or compilation of information not generally known or reasonably ascertainable by others such as customer lists and marketing data or secret formulas or ingredients for a food or beverage.

What does an IP lawyer do?

An IP lawyer is skilled in intellectual property, which includes rules for properly securing and enforcing legal rights to creative work, including but not limited to, inventions, designs, and artwork.

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What is a Copyright?

Along with Patents, Copyrights are the “Classic IP Assets” as their protection is contemplated in the Constitution. A Copyright is a form of protection granted to authors of original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. It prevents others from reproducing, preparing derivative works, distributing copies, and/or performing or displaying works without the author’s permission. Protected works can be literary, dramatic, musical or audiovisual. Copyrights attach as soon as the work is created and fixed in a tangible form that is directly perceptible or perceptible with the aid of a machine or device.

We can help you navigating IP Law!

The protection of IP creates new jobs, strengthens industries and enhances the quality of life. As an inventor, creator or entrepreneur, ensuring that you maintain ownership and rights to your intellectual property is crucial in today’s high-tech world.

Whether it’s protection of trade secrets, information technology, marketing material, or other creative and unique work, at Oppenheim Law we understand the importance of ensuring that our clients receive full compensation for the fruits of their creative labor. We have worked with clients from the ground up in all areas of intellectual property, trademark and copyrights law.

Our Fort Lauderdale Intellectual Property Attorneys Handle:

  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Trade Secrets

Oppenheim Law offers experienced trademark attorneys with a complete spectrum of trademark, copyright and services to entrepreneurs, established businesses and other attorneys (on behalf of their clients). When It comes to intellectual property or trademark, Our trademark lawyers at Oppenheim Law is your one stop place for IP service.

Our Trademark services include:

  • Trademark Clearance Searches
  • Trademark Application Preparation
  • Office Action Responses
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Trademark Change of Ownership
  • Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Trademark Renewal Filings
  • Trademark Opposition Proceedings
  • Trademark Cancellation Proceedings
  • Trademark Litigation
  • Copyright Applications

Should you be involved in a dispute over your intellectual property, please feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 954-384-6114and we will be glad to respond to your inquiry.

Oppenheim Law | Fort Lauderdale Intellectual Property Attorneys
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How do I choose an IP lawyer? ›

Let's discuss what to look for in an IP lawyer.
  1. Expertise in Related Field. Undoubtedly, a chosen lawyer has to be an expert in this field of such a sensitive topic as IP protection. ...
  2. Technical Background. ...
  3. Personal attention. ...
  4. Cost. ...
  5. Conduct an Interview.
Oct 25, 2021

What does a intellectual property lawyer do? ›

An IP attorney is a lagal professional who practices intellectual property law, which ensures companies and individuals have ownership rights over their invented or created materials.

How do property lawyers protect intellectual property? ›

Protection of intellectual property involves registering the trademark, patent or copyright to obtain the greatest rights available for the client's asset.

What is the difference between an IP attorney and a patent attorney? ›

A patent attorney can also provide legal advice because they have passed a state bar exam and are licensed to practice law. Unlike IP attorneys, patent attorneys specialize in patents and are required to have expertise in technical areas important to understanding a client's inventions.

What are the four paths of legal protection for IP? ›

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are valuable assets of the company and understanding how they work and how they are created is critical to knowing how to protect them.

Does IP law protect ideas? ›

The short answer is no. Unfortunately, despite what you may have heard from late night television commercials, there is no effective way to protect an idea with any form of intellectual property protection. Copyrights protect expression and creativity, not innovation.

What are the 3 types of intellectual property laws? ›

There are three primary types of Intellectual Property: copyrights, trademarks, and patents. A copyright is a legal term that is used to describe a person's ownership rights to an original expression of creativity.

Can you sue over intellectual property? ›

Intellectual property (IP) theft occurs when someone uses your intellectual property for any reason without your permission. Laws protect intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents. If you have the proper protections, you can sue for money damages.

Is intellectual property law worth it? ›

In the future, we can expect more well-paid jobs for lawyers who are good at IP prosecution and IP litigation. Top IP law firms pay between INR 70,000 – INR 1,00,000 at the entry-level to fresh lawyers, while tier 2 law firms pay between INR 40,000 – 70,000. Smaller shops can pay between INR 25,000 – 40,000.

What is the strongest form of intellectual property protection? ›

Patent protection is the strongest form of intellectual property protection, in that a twenty-year exclusive monopoly is granted to the owner over any expression or implementation of the protected work (35 U.S.C.

What are the 5 intellectual property rights? ›

Intellectual property can take many forms, and each form is protected differently. In this post, we will explain the basics of the most common types of intellectual property — copyrights, moral rights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

What Cannot be protected as intellectual property? ›

Ideas, Methods, or Systems

Scientific or technical methods or discoveries; Business operations or procedures. Mathematical principles. Formulas, algorithms.

When should I talk to a patent attorney? ›

If you think you have a truly original, useful idea for a product or service -- particularly if that idea is technologically complex -- you should definitely contact a patent attorney. Patent attorneys perform two important legal services: prosecution and litigation.

Which is better patent agent or patent attorney? ›

In fact, a patent attorney is usually used interchangeably with a patent agent. However, an attorney is an advocate. By virtue of this, a patent attorney is an individual who is entitled to deal with patent litigation by virtue of holding a law degree. A patent attorney or patent lawyer is an advocate.

How much does a patent agent cost? ›

If you hire the assistance of a patent agent or attorney, their fees will be additional and typically extend to their hourly billing rates. On average, a good patent lawyer will run anywhere from $200 to $400 an hour, and the amount of time spent will mostly depend on how complex a patent is.

What happens when intellectual property rights are violated? ›

“Depending on the nature of the violations, penalties may include civil damages in the dollar amount of damages and lost profits, an injunction to stop the infringement, payment of the attorneys' fees by the infringer, and felony charges with prison time.”

How much does it cost to have intellectual property? ›

Costs For Filing A Patent in USA:

The basic cost to file a patent application at the USPTO is $300. If you are an individual, and it is $75 and $150, if you are a small entity.

What is violation of intellectual property rights? ›

The significant violations of intellectual property consist of infringement, counterfeiting, and misappropriation of trade secrets. Violations of intellectual property include: Creating a logo or name meant to confuse buyers into thinking they're buying the original brand.

What is the most common violation of intellectual property? ›

Although intellectual-property infringement can be unintentional, it still unacceptable under the eyes of the law. The most common examples of intellectual property disputes include using another's words, images, or logo without the property owner's permission.

How do I legally claim an idea? ›

According to statute, any person who "invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent" from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. To protect your invention, you must apply for a patent.

How do I sell my idea to a company? ›

How to Successfully Pitch an Idea to a Company
  1. Step 1: Gather Information. Yes, it is the information age which means the more info you are armed with, the better off you will be. ...
  2. Step 2: Prepare a Professional Presentation. ...
  3. Step 3: Pinpoint Your Targets. ...
  4. Step 4: Qualify Your Targets. ...
  5. Step 5: Make the Sale.

What are the 7 types of intellectual property rights? ›

In India, there are 7 types of intellectual property rights, namely – copyright, trademarks, patents, geographical indications, plant varieties, industrial designs and semiconductor integrated circuit layout designs.

What are the most common intellectual property? ›

The three most common types of intellectual property are patents, trademarks and copyrights, and they each provide different and varying levels of protection.

What is 1 example of intellectual property? ›

Utility patents: for tangible inventions, such as products, machines, devices, and composite materials, as well as new and useful processes. Design patents: the ornamental designs on manufactured products. Plant patents: new varieties of plants.

Where do I file an intellectual property complaint? ›

National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (“IPR Center”).

How do you resolve an intellectual property complaint? ›

The first and most effective step is to reach out to the person who owns the intellectual property. If you come to an agreement with them, they can reach back out to Amazon and retract their complaint. If you believe that the complaint was a mistake, you can respond directly to Amazon and explain your position.

What agencies fight against violation of intellectual property? ›

Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Office (IEO) | IPOPHL. The Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Office (IEO) implements administrative enforcement function of the Intellectual Property Office pursuant to the mandate under Section 7, (c) and (d) Republic Act No.

Can you lose intellectual property rights? ›

You Can Lose Your IP Rights if Not Enforced

If you don't take adequate or sufficient, reasonable means to protect and enforce your IP, then you run the risk of losing your IP rights. What is sufficient and reasonable action is not always clear; it depends on the situation.

How long intellectual property lasts? ›

The protection is usually given for a finite term (typically 20 years in the case of patents).

What is the most valuable intellectual property? ›

Compared to other types of intellectual property, patents are among the most valued and the most difficult to obtain. Items that can be patented include objects or processes such as new technology or methods.

What is the most important right granted to a holder of intellectual property rights? ›

The right of copyright owners to prevent others from making copies of their works without permission is the most basic right protected by copyright legislation.

What intellectual property lasts the longest? ›

Trademarks and trade secret protections remain in effect the longest. A mark's owner can use and defend it against infringement for as long as it's an active part of the commercial process.

What is an example of infringement of intellectual property? ›

Common examples of Intellectual property violations

Putting your logo on a defendant's product in order to boost sales. Copying and passing off your writing or artwork as their own. Intellectual Property infringements on social media where fraudulent profiles use trademarks or copyrighted material to represent a brand.

What is the difference between intellectual property and intellectual property rights? ›

Intellectual property (IP) pertains to any original creation of the human intellect such as artistic, literary, technical, or scientific creation. Intellectual property rights (IPR) refers to the legal rights given to the inventor or creator to protect his invention or creation for a certain period of time.

How to prove that its intellectual property rights have been infringed? ›

Document suspected infringement.

Establish the IP theft by documenting the means and methods of its use. Take pictures, capture online screenshots, collect samples, save web addresses and preserve any proof for potential legal action.

What qualifies as intellectual property? ›

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind: inventions; literary and artistic works; and symbols, images, names and logos used in commerce. Businesses are often unaware that their business assets include IP rights.

What is the easiest form of protection for intellectual property? ›

The best way to protect IP is to register it with the government and enforce your ownership rights. Beyond registration and enforcement, you can protect certain types of intellectual property by: Documenting your discoveries. Using digital rights management.

What 6 things are not protected by copyright? ›

For example, copyright does not protect factual information or data, titles, short word combinations, names, characters, slogans, themes, plots, or ideas. These may be used or copied without permission or payment of royalties (unless they happen to be protected under trademark law).

How much does a patent lawsuit cost? ›

Patent litigation costs between $2.3 million and $4 million on average. It takes one to three years for a patent case to reach trial. Patent infringement lawsuits are settled in 95 percent to 97 percent of cases.

How hard is it to get a patent for an idea? ›

Under U.S. law, you cannot patent an idea. Understanding how the law differentiates ideas from inventions is a great way to learn some of the core tenants of patent law. by Joe Runge, Esq. The simple answer is no—you cannot patent an idea for an invention.

What are the 3 criteria required to file a patent? ›

Patent applications must satisfy the following three criteria:
  • Novelty. This means that your invention must not have been made public – not even by yourself – before the date of the application.
  • Inventive step. This means that your product or process must be an inventive solution. ...
  • Industrial applicability.

Can a patent lawyer steal my idea? ›

Non-law firm patent companies may steal your idea while law firms keep your idea protected under the attorney-client privilege. Non-law firm patent companies are under no such duty to keep your idea confidential.

What is the salary of a patent attorney? ›

Salary Ranges for Patent Attorneys

The salaries of Patent Attorneys in the US range from $24,826 to $668,655 , with a median salary of $120,348 . The middle 57% of Patent Attorneys makes between $120,349 and $303,088, with the top 86% making $668,655.

What is a poor man's patent? ›

A poor man's patent is essentially writing out a description of your invention and then mailing that written description to yourself. This postmarked envelope supposedly acts to create the date of your invention as the date this written description was postmarked.

What is the cheapest way to get a patent? ›

Provisional Patent Application Costs

The cheapest way to get "Patent Pending" status is to file a provisional patent application. All that is required is a detailed description of the invention, an informal drawing, and a synopsis of how you came up with the idea.

How much does a 1 year patent cost? ›

While the costs of an application vary depending on the representation, the total costs run from $5000 to $8000. These costs incorporate attorney's fees associated with drafting and filing the patent, as well as USPTO filing fees. These fees typically cost between $360 and $720, with examination fees totaling $170.

How do I choose an IP? ›

Deciding on an IP Addressing Format for Your Network
  1. The type of IP address that you want to use: IPv4 or IPv6.
  2. The number of potential systems on your network.
  3. The number of systems that are multihomed or routers, which require an IP address for each interface.
  4. Whether to use private addresses on your network.

Can I choose my own IP? ›

Your public IP address is usually set by your internet service provider (ISP), and you can't choose it yourself. However, you can "coax" it to change in any of several different ways: Change your network or location: Your public IP address will change based on where and how you connect to the internet.

How do I choose an LPA lawyer? ›

You can choose anyone you want to be your attorney, as long as they are over 18. For a property and affairs LPA, the person you choose cannot be bankrupt.
You should choose someone who:
  1. knows you well.
  2. you trust to make these decisions for you.
  3. is reliable and has the skills to carry out the role.

How much do top IP lawyers make? ›

Intellectual Property Lawyer Salary by Years of Experience
  • Entry LevelAvg.salary$48k.
  • Mid LevelAvg.salary$58k.
  • Senior LevelAvg.salary$122k.

Can you change your IP to whatever you want? ›

If you already have a new IP address that you want to use, you can manually change it. Rather than a more common dynamic IP, if you get an IP address that you can enter manually it's most likely a static IP address. Depending on your device, there are a few ways to enter this type of IP address.

How easy is it to pull an IP? ›

How Easy Is It to Trace an IP Address? Tracing an unprotected IP address is as simple as a single line in the command prompt. However, if someone has hidden or obscured their IP with a decent VPN service, you'll just receive an error and get no information.

Do hackers need your IP? ›

Every website and app you use can see and record your IP for security and legal purposes. This means that cybercriminals can use your IP address and online identity to check if you're a valuable target. Malicious hackers will scan your Wi-Fi to see: What devices are connected to it.

Can IP reveal your identity? ›

What information does my IP address reveal? IP addresses do reveal your geolocation, but not your precise location like a home address does. IP addresses will also never reveal your name, phone number, or other precise personal information.

Can an IP address be traced? ›

Your IP address gives websites, and people that you have connected with online, more than just a number—more than your IP address. It also gives them the ability to trace that IP address back towards you if they wanted to. To be clear, they can trace it back to your geographical location.

How much does it cost to own an IP? ›

For filing a patent, the costs vary not only based on the country, but also on the complexity of the invention. It could be $1000 if you plan to do most of the filing work or can be upwards of $40,000+ if your invention is complex. The basic cost to file a patent application at the USPTO is $300.

How much does it cost to draft LPA? ›

As at July 2022, the majority of the top 10 most visited accredited medical practitioners charged $50 or less. The application fees for the LPA Form 1 will be waived for Singapore citizens until 31 March 2023 when you register your LPA.

What is the cost of a LPA? ›

A lasting power of attorney costs from £120 including VAT. Mirror lasting power of attorney start from £210 for two people. These prices are for our digital LPA service.

Is it worth having an LPA? ›

Indeed a power of attorney is vital for anyone – regardless of age – who has money and assets to protect and/or who wants someone to act in their best interest in terms of healthcare choices should they be unable to make decisions for themselves.

What is the richest type of lawyer? ›

Trial lawyers are among the highest paid legal professionals in the world. Thousands practice across the globe, but civil litigators who handle high dollar, high profile and high stakes cases are the most highly compensated.

How much does an intellectual property lawyer earn in Florida? ›

How much does an Intellectual Property Attorney I make in Florida? The average Intellectual Property Attorney I salary in Florida is $154,452 as of January 26, 2023, but the range typically falls between $140,150 and $166,222.

How much do top 1% lawyers make? ›

Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for attorneys in the US is just over $125,000. The highest-paid lawyers (10% of the legal workforce) make over $208,000 However, the top 1% of attorneys make $500,000 or more per year.


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