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Breast enlargement surgery is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure.Unfortunately, many women come out of surgery with unattractive scarring on the chest. Dr. Bartell is the most experienced Madison-area plastic surgeon performing breast augmentations with no scars on the breast at all.

How does this procedure leave no scars on the breasts?

Dr. Bartell inserts saline breast implants through tiny incisions in the armpits. This is known as aTransaxillary Incision.The scars vanish within six months.

Since I place the incision in a small skin crease in the arm-pit, often I myself cannot find the scar 6 to 8 months after surgery, and if I can’t find my own scar, certainly no one else will see it either. – Dr. Bartell

Operating and recovery time are the same as for other techniques. But the results … well, look for yourself at our breast augmentation before and after gallery. Then schedule a consultation with Dr. Bartell, a board-certified plastic surgeon, to find out if breast augmentation is right for you.

I have been performing breast augmentations using an incision in the arm-pit (Trans-Axillary Breast Augmentation, or TABA) for almost 30 years. During that time I have performed thousands of these procedures, and it is my preferred approach. I am more experienced in this technique than any other surgeon in this area. – Dr. Bartell


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Options for Implants

Dr. Thomas Bartell offers saline implants due to the safety (silent ruptures!) and the flexibility of filling up the implants based on the anatomy and size of the patient as 90% of women have different sized breasts. The saline implant feel is very natural as it’s placed under the chest muscle. What is felt on the outside is YOU, not the implant! Patients will also notice a comfortable, natural projection.

Saline vs SiliconBenefit According to Dr. Bartell

“Another benefit to saline vs. silicone implants is my ability to adjust the fill volume of each implant which accounts for the natural asymmetry of the female chest. In 50% of all breast augmentation procedures, the fill volume is not equal. With silicone, the surgeon is unable to adjust the fill volume.” –Dr. Bartell

What is a silent rupture?

Ruptures of silicone gel implants are silent – looking in the mirror does not tell you if your implants are intact or ruptured. FDA recommends a MRI scan every two years for detection. But with saline implants, you know your implants are intact by simply glancing in the mirror. Rupture is easily detected and the saline is safely absorbed by the body.

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Best Candidates for Breast Augmentation Surgery

The best candidates for breast enlargement are of relatively normal weight and healthy.They also have realistic expectations. While breast augmentation can enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence, you may not be able to achieve your ideal image. If you do not want any scaring on the chest at all, you will have your heart’s desire with the transaxillary incision (through the armpit).

The best way to know if breast augmentation surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation. Dr. Bartell will discuss your needs and options, explain the procedure in more detail, and share breast augmentation before and after pictures from his practice. He can also provide a firm quote of breast augmentation cost.

(Video) What are breast implants? (John A. LoGiudice, MD)

If you are interested in a breast augmentation, there are a few plastic surgeons in the Madison area that can accommodate you. But if you want a great outcome with no scars on the chest, you had better make sure to insist on a transaxillary breast augmentation, and there is no plastic surgeon in this area with more experience with the TABA than myself.

Planning for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

At your consultation, Dr. Bartell will listen to your concerns, describe the breast implant procedure, and show you numerous breast augmentation before and after photos of previous patients. You will receive a quote for the breast augmentation procedure, which includes all associated fees. Information on financing is also available.

If you decide to have breast enlargement surgery, Dr. Bartell will meet with you to perform a history and physical examination.Be sure to inform Dr. Bartell if you:

  • Have allergies
  • Take any medications (prescription or over-the-counter)
  • Smoke

Dr. Bartell will give you prescriptions for any medications you may need before and after the surgery.You will receive a printed set of pre- and postoperative instructions. These will prepare you for what you should do before surgery, what to have on hand at home afterward, and what to do on the day of your surgery. Dr. Bartell will review these instructions with you, but it’s important to read these instructions carefully on your own and keep them accessible for easy reference.

The Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is performed using a general anesthetic, so you’ll sleep through the entire operation. Dr. Bartell inserts the breast implants through small incisions made in each armpit. The implants are placed behind the chest wall (pectoral) muscle and centered beneath the nipples.

The entire operation takes about 45 minutes. You’ll wake up in the recovery room with a small elastic band across your breasts. You will need to arrange a ride home from the surgery center. Make sure you have someone stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery.

Dr. Bartell performs breast augmentation surgeries at his Madison office. Take a tour of Dr. Bartell’s fully accredited, private surgery suite on Madison’s westside and meet his topnotch surgical support team.

(Video) What follow up care is needed for breast implants? (John A. LoGiudice, MD)

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • You should wear the elastic band for three weeks following surgery to prevent shifting of the breast implants.
  • You will probably feel sore for a few days, but you’ll be up and around in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Most patients can be back at deskwork within four or five days.
  • Any discomfort can be controlled by medication prescribed by Dr. Bartell.
  • Within six months, the small scars in your armpits should vanish completely. You will have no scars on or around your breasts.
  • Almost all patients are extremely pleased with their decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery.Your decision is a highly personal one that not everyone will understand.The important thing is how you feel about it.If the results meet your goals, then your surgery is truly a success.

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Potential Risks of Breast Augmentation

Nearly 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries are performed in the U.S. every year. Modern techniques are very safe and usually result in a happy patient.

Although complications are rare, you should know the potential risks before surgery:

  • Capsular contracture: The body naturally places a scar around a foreign body, such as a breast implant. This scar, called a capsule, typically remains soft and insignificant. However, in a minority of women, the capsule can tighten, squeezing the soft implant and causing the breast to feel harder. It is impossible to predict who may experience this complication: If it does occur, further surgery may be needed.
  • Bleeding or infection: A small risk with all surgeries, but extremely unlikely with breast augmentation.
  • Altered nipple sensation: Some women report altered sensation in one or both nipples following surgery (over-or under-sensitive). These symptoms are usually temporary, but may persist in some patients.
  • Implant breakage or leakage: There is a very small chance that an implant may break or leak. If this happens, the implant deflates and the body simply absorbs the saline. Implant manufacturers guarantee their products for the patient’s lifetime and will provide a free implant and pay for replacement surgery if deflation occurs within the first five years.
  • Additional mammography images: Breast implants do not make a woman more susceptible to breast cancer, but they may alter the way mammography is performed. Usually, additional views are required to ensure that the implant doesn’t obscure part of the breast tissue.
  • Breast asymmetry: Very rare complication of size and/or shape differences.
  • Implant shifting: While this rarely happens, it can occur in the first few days following surgery.
  • Unexpected size result.

Please feel free to talk with Dr. Bartell about any concerns. One of the best ways to decrease your risk is to choose a surgeon who is highly experienced in performing breast augmentations and is a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Bartell.


How much does breast augmentation cost in Wisconsin? ›

Breast augmentation procedures usually range from $7,000 to $10,000. The two biggest factors that affect the price at our practice are: The type of implant that Dr. Sauerhammer places.

How much does a boob job cost 2022? ›

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery's Statistics Report, the average cost of breast augmentation surgery is $4,516. However, that price includes only the procedure itself and does not account for hospital or surgical center costs, anesthesia, operating room, the surgeon's fee or other related expenses.

Who did the Kardashians breast augmentation? ›

The Kardashians seem to agree and have been very positive about their experience with Dr. Fisher, who is now considered to be the Kardashian family's plastic surgeon. To find out more about Dr. Garth Fisher or cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentations, facelifts, and Mommy Makeovers, please contact us today.

How can I afford breast implants? ›

Breast augmentation financing options
  1. Your plastic surgeon's payment plan options. ...
  2. Personal credit cards. ...
  3. Personal loans from a bank or credit union. ...
  4. Out of pocket or savings accounts. ...
  5. Crowdfunding online. ...
  6. Crowdfunding offline: Friends and family gifts and donations. ...
  7. Save up.
1 Apr 2022

How much does breast implants last? ›

How long breast implants last. Breast implants do not last a lifetime. It's likely they'll need to be replaced at some point. Some women may need further surgery after about 10 years, either because of problems with the implants or because their breasts have changed around the implants.

Are breast implants worth it? ›

Breast Implants Boost Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

One of the greatest benefits of breast implants is the boost in self-confidence patients get following the procedure. Many women who come in for breast implants are incredibly self-conscious about the size and shape of their breasts.

How long is recovery from breast implants? ›

Breast augmentation recovery

On average, a full recovery period usually takes about four to six weeks. It's important to refrain from physical activity, lifting heavy objects and overworking yourself during this sensitive time.

What is the safest breast implant 2022? ›

Silicone Breast Implants
  • Excellent safety and performance record.
  • Feel like natural breast tissue compared to saline implants.
  • Not as likely as saline implants to be visible under the skin compared to saline implants.
23 Mar 2022

How much are gummy bear implants? ›

Gummy bear implants are far more expensive. One provider offers an estimate between $6,000 to $12,000. Factors include your doctor, their technique, and office location. It's also important to keep in mind that there may be other costs related to gummy bear breast implants outside of the actual surgery.

Can you breastfeed with implants? ›

It is possible for you to breastfeed with implants – but it does depend on the size and placement of the implants and the type of surgery you've had. If the incisions are under the fold of the breast or through your armpit, you should not have any problems breastfeeding.

Can you pay monthly for a boob job? ›

Breast augmentation financing is an umbrella term that makes it possible to fund your boob job via monthly payment plans. Personal loans, in-house payment plans backed by third-party companies, and credit cards allow you to pay the plastic surgeon in advance and then repay the lender later on through installments.

What is the best way to pay for plastic surgery? ›

Plastic Surgery Financing: How to Pay for Your Procedure
  1. 9 plastic surgery loans to consider. ...
  2. Enroll in a payment plan through the surgeon. ...
  3. Utilize a medical credit card like CareCredit. ...
  4. Use a credit card with a 0% APR offer. ...
  5. Take out a fixed-rate personal loan. ...
  6. Budget and save up in advance.
20 Oct 2021

Are breast implants ever covered by insurance? ›

Insurance usually will not cover breast enlargement surgery. It will, though, cover breast implants for women who have had mastectomies due to breast cancer. If you need further surgery later on, your health insurance may not cover that, either. Having breast implants may also affect your insurance rates later on.

Can I return to work 3 days after breast augmentation? ›

"Typically, with breast augmentation, most people should be able to glide within three to five days. And if you have a desk job, you should be able to go back to work within three to five days," she says. "So, if things are done appropriately, it's very reasonable to be able to do that."

How often do you have to upkeep breast implants? ›

Most silicone and saline implants are FDA approved for 10-20 years, but this does not mean that you have to get them replaced every 10-20 years. You can safely go beyond these time frames, and most patients only have to have 1-2 replacements in their lifetime.

Can I drive 3 days after breast augmentation? ›

It is usually advised that you not drive for at least three days after your breast augmentation to avoid placing any strain on your surgical site, which could cause bleeding.

What I wish I knew before getting breast implants? ›

Implants have their risks, so do your research.

Over 10% of patients reportedly experience capsular contraction, a hardening of the breast caused by shrinking scar tissue around the implant. It's possible to develop an infection, which could happen days, years, or even decades after the procedure.

Who should not get breast implants? ›

Generally speaking, anyone who is in reasonably good mental and physical health can be candidates for breast implants. However, you are likely not a good candidate for this surgery if: You're pregnant or breastfeeding. You have breast cancer or an abnormal mammogram.

What are the dangers of breast implants? ›

  • Scar tissue that distorts the shape of the breast implant (capsular contracture)
  • Breast pain.
  • Infection.
  • Changes in nipple and breast sensation.
  • Implant position changes.
  • Implant leakage or rupture.

What day is most painful after breast augmentation? ›

Breast augmentation recovery time
  1. 3 to 5 days. During the first 3 to 5 days, you'll likely experience the most discomfort. ...
  2. 1 week. As you approach 1 week, you may be able to manage the pain with over-the-counter pain medications. ...
  3. 2 months.
28 Jan 2020

How does your life change after breast implants? ›

Their research has found that 98% of women undergoing breast augmentation surgery say the results met or exceeded their expectations. Other studies have shown that breast implants can help boost self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction. Most women also report better quality of life after surgery.

What is the most natural looking and feeling breast implant? ›

Silicone breast implants tend to feel more like natural breast tissue than saline alternatives. This is particularly true of the form stable (“gummy bear”) breast implant, which is filled with a cohesive gel that mimics the feel of natural breast tissue almost perfectly.

What is a gummy bear breast implant? ›

What Are Gummy Bear Silicone Implants? “Gummy bear” is the non-scientific term for form-stable or highly cohesive silicone gel implants. They are considered form-stable — and like gummy bears — because they hold their shape even when the implant shell is broken. The gel inside is thick, rather than liquid.

What is better over or under breast implants? ›

Generally, if you have minimal breast tissue and want larger implants, under the muscle placement will provide the best results as your pectoralis major muscles will help hide any possible rippling in your implants.

How much does a 450cc gummy bear implant weigh? ›

A 450cc silicone gel implant weighs 460gm. 454gm=1lb, so it is very close to 1lb.

What's better gummy bear or silicone implants? ›

Traditional silicone implants have more bounce, though the difference isn't significant. Gummy bear implants are a little safer than traditional silicone implants because there's no risk of the silicone leaking out into the breast tissues if the implant shell is ruptured.

Are gummy bear implants the same as Teardrop? ›

Although they're not really called gummy bear implants, they've earned that nickname due to the gel material's soft-but-sturdy ability to hold its shape when cut into (like a gummy bear when it's bitten). Professionally, they're also often referred to as teardrop implants or form-stable implants.

Can the Covid vaccine affect breast implants? ›

Likewise to dermal fillers any foreign material may cause a reaction when the immune system is triggered. In the recent weeks we observed four noteworthy potential reactions in association with breast implants between one and three days after COVID-19 vaccinations.

What breast implants are the best? ›

Saline implants are one of the most popular types of breast implants. They are filled with sterile saltwater and require a smaller incision when placed in the chest. They are inserted empty and filled after being situated in the breast pocket. If they leak, the body will absorb the saline, so there are no health risks.

Can you pump with implants? ›

Many women with breast implants may not realize that It is perfectly safe for them to use a breast pump. Because breast implants mimic the natural shape and feel of real breast tissue, breast pumps should function normally.

What credit score do you need to get financed for plastic surgery? ›

Eligibility: Personal loan applicants should have a minimum credit scoreof 650. However, many successful applicants have a score of 700 or higher.

What is a mommy makeover? ›

A mommy makeover typically includes abdomen and breasts

Typically, a mommy makeover includes some form of breast surgery and a tummy tuck. As the moniker implies, the procedure first came about as a means for women to rejuvenate the body areas that were most impacted by motherhood.

Do you pay before or after plastic surgery? ›

For cosmetic surgery procedures, it is customary for Payment to be made in full before the surgery is performed. One option I would suggest to you for your surgery is to split it into multiple surgeries.

Is it cheaper to travel for plastic surgery? ›

More cosmetic surgery procedures are done in the United States than in any other country, but our plastic surgeons and hospitals are the most expensive. By traveling abroad, people can save 40 to 80 percent for plastic surgery, depending on the procedure and the country.

Which surgery cost most? ›

The Average Cost for Surgery

The most expensive surgeries are heart valve replacements, heart bypass, and spinal fusion surgeries.

What is most common cost for breast implants? ›

The total cost for breast augmentation can range from $6,000 to $12,000. This includes fees for the surgeon and the hospital or facility, plus anesthesia, medical tests, and prescription medications.

Can a mammogram break an implant? ›

The majority (62.1%) of problems reported were for breast implant rupture that was suspected to occur during mammography. Rupture during compression for mammography was reported for both silicone gel-filled and saline-filled breast implants.

Does insurance pay for breast implants after weight loss? ›

And the sad truth is that for most breasts that have sagged or lost volume almost all the time will be considered cosmetic by insurance companies and is not covered. Dr.

What is natural breast augmentation? ›

What Is Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer? Unlike a traditional breast augmentation procedure, which relies on breast implants to provide enhancement, natural breast augmentation uses excess fat from other areas of the body to improve breast shape and contour, as well as conservatively increase breast size.

What are the risk of fat transfer to breast? ›

Risks of a fat transfer breast augmentation include: Bleeding and bruising. Fat cell death (necrosis) or fat cells moving out of your breasts to different parts of your body. Infection.

Can you have fat transferred to your breast? ›

Breast augmentation can be performed with fat transfer, called “autologous breast augmentation.” The procedure involves harvesting fat from another body area, such as abdomen, love handles, thighs, or buttocks. Once harvested, the fat cells are purified, and then injected into the breasts to add volume.

How can I enlarge my breasts without implants? ›

Fat grafting is a way to add volume to the breasts without using implants. Basically, it's a two-part procedure, and while it's not noninvasive, it's not quite as invasive as breast augmentation surgery. The first part of fat grafting involves liposuction.

Can you go without a bra after breast augmentation? ›

Generally speaking, you shouldn't consider going braless for at least six weeks after breast augmentation. Your breasts need to be thoroughly supported during this time to ensure optimal healing. After six weeks, you may occasionally go braless, but try to keep this to special occasions, and don't make it a habit.

Can belly fat be used for breast reconstruction? ›

Excess belly fat can be used for breast reconstruction to create results that look and feel natural. Many patients have sufficient excess fat in this area to use for the procedure. And when the fat is removed, in a similar manner to a tummy tuck, patients experience the added benefit of a slimmer waistline.

How many cup sizes can you gain with fat transfer? ›

How many cup sizes can you gain with fat transfer? On average, you can achieve an increase of around 1 cup size.

What is better fat transfer or implants? ›

Generally a woman who is looking for a fairly small increase in breast size is the best candidate for the fat transfer type of augmentation. For a larger increase in size, you'd benefit most from an implant.

How much fat do you need for a fat transfer to breast? ›

Fat Needed to Increase One Cup Size

32 chest needs 200-250cc (6.5-7 oz.) 34 chest needs 300-400cc (10-13 oz.) 36-38 chest needs 500-600cc (17-20 oz.)

Does breast fat transfer last forever? ›

The final results of a fat transfer are considered permanent. Between the ages of 16.5 and 18.5, your body loses its ability to produce new fat cells. This means that once fat cells are taken from the donor site, the donor site permanently has fewer fat cells.

Does fat transfer to breast leave scars? ›

It is worth mentioning that in breast fat transfer surgeries, there are no scars. The fat is directly injected into the breast by making tiny incisions. These incisions are on the spots where the surgeon inserts canola for liposuction. Because these spots virtually leave no scarring, it accentuates the natural look.


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